Founded by Shannon Keith in 2006, Sudara is a Certified Benefit Corporation, aka a for-profit corporation that aims to practice social responsibility and mindfullness, that sells what are lovingly known as “Punjammies”.  Punjammies are loungewear constructed of Indian fabrics and stitched by locals in a handful of Indian villages.

In 2005, Shannon visited India.  Throughout her trip, she was very aware of sex trafficking of local women primarily because of a lack of education or employment.  In an effort to combat this, Shannon partnered with a local sewing center to train at risk women with an employable skill – sewing.  Today, together with its partners, Sudara is responsible for training roughly 2400 women in a year across six training centers throughout India, around 90% of whom become employed soon after.  Some of these women in turn are employed by Sudara to create loungewear for women, men & children.  

Check out the full assortment of Punjammies here (including robes, pajamas, culottes, tops and yoga pants):



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