Major Lazer’s Lean On + Rangeela Mashup, by Jai Matt


We recently came across a music video by singer Jai Matt that we just have to share.  Jai is an Indian American pop singer based out of Philadelphia.  Born in Kerala, India, Jai describes his music as “urban”, a seamless blend of Bollywood Indian and American radio hits.  His songs are live mashups of American hip-hop, R&B, pop songs with classic Indian melodies.  And they are down right beautiful.  Maybe even hypnotic.

This mashup of MO’s Lean On and A.R. Rahman’s Rangeela is like a fantastic Pinot Noir paired with Gruyere.  Its light, vibrant, and intriguing.  We love his classical Indian-style vocals and inventive arrangements.  Basically you’ll find us playing this song on repeat for the next few weeks.

You can watch “Lean On Rangeela” featuring Dr. Srimix and Mugdha Hasabnis above.  Be sure to check out Jai Matt’s Spotify page & subscribe to him on Youtube.


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