Aloo Paratha Recipe

These spiced onion and potato stuffed aloo parathas are an Indian staple.

Baingan Bharta Recipe

This authentic Baingan Bharta recipe from Charisma's Cache features a subtle twist lending to a brighter more flavorful curried eggplant. Its a must try.

Batura Recipe

This easy Batura recipe from Charisma Shah is full of great ingredients like greek yogurt and quinoa flour, yet still incredibly pillowy and fluffy.

Chhole (Traditional Dry Style) Recipe

This authentic Punjabi-style Chhole recipe from Veg Recipes of India features curried garbanzo beans in a dry roasted onion sauce.

Chhole Recipe (Saucy Style)

This Chhole recipe from Charisma Shah features a saucy twist. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are doused in a chunky & creamy tomato onion gravy and served with pillowy batura.

Chole Batura Popovers Recipe

This recipe from Charisma's Cache, can be made as an savory appetizer or dense dinner. The flaky pastry paired with the fresh zesty salsa & cheesy chole is fantastic in every way.

Dal Makhani (Black Dal) Recipe

Dal Makhani, sometimes also referred to as "Black Dal", is a buttery lentil soup seasoned with fenugreek leaves, ginger, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. We love this recipe from Charisma, of Charisma's Cache.

Dum Paneer Recipe

This paneer dish by Divya Burman is known for its trademark creamy peppercorn sauce.

Gluten Free Naan Recipe

Pillowy gluten free naan recipe that won't make you have FOMO from Only Gluten Free Recipes.

Kadai Paneer Recipe

This healthy vegetarian recipe from Charisma's Cache features pillowy paneer in a spicy tomato bell pepper cashew-cream sauce.