Coconut Curry Ramen (Vegetarian) Recipe

This quick 3 step coconut curry ramen recipe is vegetarian friendly, chock full of veggies, and a breeze to make!

Curry Ramen With Miso Lentils Recipe (Vegetarian)

This hearty vegetarian ramen recipe by VeganRicha is perfect and soothing just in time for cooler weather. It features maple miso lentils for added protein and garam masala for that extra indian touch!

Hakka Noodles (Vegetarian) Recipe

This Indian favorite and delicious dish is quick, satisfying and sneaky healthy - the only Hakka noodle recipe you will ever need!

Khao Soi Recipe

This Burmese dish tastes much like Indo-Thai food. Its a spiced lemongrass coconut curry with lots of fresh toppings and egg or rice noodles. This delicious recipe from Charisma of Charisma's Cache is vegan (and naturally vegetarian) and gluten free.

Slow Cooker Pork Ramen Recipe

This slow cooker pork ramen recipe is so delicious it has only 5 star reviews. Seriously. Must. Try.

Spicy Chicken & Vegetable Curry Recipe

This hearty Thai inspired recipe from Asha of Food Fashion Party features chicken and lots of veggies in a spicy basil coconut curry.

Spicy Thai Corn Chowder (Vegetarian)

This fusion Indo-Thai recipe from Charisma's Cache features mirchi, whole red chilies, chunky tomatoes, corn all marinated in a kaffir lime coconut curry sauce with noodles. Its quick, delicious, and so satisfying. Oh and its vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free!