We agree with lifestyle blogger, Charisma (of Charisma’s Cache) – handmade Diwali cards are so much more personal than sending an e-card, so if we have the time to craft something we like to.  Charisma shared one of her favorite simple DIYs for Diwali cards.  As it turns out it is both guy-approved and kid friendly!  Plus just look how gorgeous these turned out!  Each one is like its own abstract art.  Talk about unique cards!  Also can we just say that we love the fact that she slyly inserted a football into her lotus designs!  Very fitting for this time of year.

To make these DIY even more kid-friendly, we suggest skipping the tissue and letting the kids just go to town coloring or finger-painting on the inside of the card.  Just think: Nani & Nana will be so touched!

To view this tutorial click here: http://www.charismashah.com/cache1/2016/10/13/diy-diwali-cards


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