Indo-Western Earrings Perfect for this Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us folks.  Lets face it, once you turn 25, spring & summer become weekend getaways to celebrate family and friends’ weddings.  Each weekend is filled with lots of champs, YouTube-choreographed dancing and debuting our latest anarkalis.  It’s also the perfect time to debut some new jewels.  We found some earrings that were just too good not to share.  I mean those cuffs *jaw drop*!  The aunties will be impressed.  You might even have one come grab your ear.  It happens you know.  True story.  To the auntie who did beeline from across the auditorium to come grab my ear at the concert because you loved my earrings:  that was weird but I’ll take it as a compliment.  Maybe next time we could exchange names first though?

Both the pearl and shape of these beauts will provide to be extremely versatile.  Find them here.

Another staple we love how these are a beautiful fusion of hoops and chandeliers.  Needless to say they will definitely make an impression.  Find them here.


These are just great staples.  If you don’t have a similar pair you need to add it to your wardrobe.  This pair is extremely versatile especially with the red accents.  Find them here.


These simplistic hoops are surreally elegant and yet simplistic.  The perfect choice for achy-prone ear lobes and minimalistic sorts.  Find them here.

We simply love the unique design and shape of these stunners.  The neutral color palette is a definite added bonus!  Find them here.

You know, sometimes those heavy earrings, as beautiful as they look, are extremely heavy and uncomfortable.  Also, sometimes an outfit calls for simple and darling jewels.  This set is just that – light with an airy feel to them.  Find them here.


These cuffs are so unbelievably gorgeous.  Talk about modern, chic, and memorable.  These are the epitome of statement piece. Oh, these are handcrafted and are available in a handful of colors.  Find them here before they sell out.


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