Its our favorite time of the year – the Sephora Beauty Insider sale!  But does anyone else feel overwhelmed when it comes.  With so many amazing beauty brands and products where do you even start.  Our strategy is to stock up on some of the most reliable products that our favorite Desi beauty bloggers can’t seem to get enough of and buy over and over again.


I don’t use kajal, said no Indian woman ever.  Its our staple, our desert-island-I-would-take -this-to-the-grave makeup product and consequently we feel VERY strongly about an exceptional eyeliner.  Our holy-grail go to:

Like any other Indian woman, we have tried the full gambit: everything from gel pots to thick crayons.  With each one there is some imperfection that prevents a repurchase, however with this eyeliner, that is not the case.  First, its an excellent tightliner aka its perfect for your waterline.  The creamy formula goes on smoothly and doesn’t pull making application a clean, simple swipe.  The twist mechanism means no messy pencil shavings and the formula feels & looks like a gel.  It goes on matte and is excellent for a really precise look like a cat-eye!  Oh, and if we haven’t bragged about this product enough, it also stays put – like won’t budge unless you use makeup remover (and thats without setting spray).  Its no wonder this product has 500 5-star reviews on google (oh and its Arshia-approved)!



With the abundance of skincare products available, its hard to identify the great from the snooze-worthy.  So many products seem so gimmicky these days with elaborate claims about the powers of some magical seed harvested in the himalayas during sunrise on everest…you get the point.  Our first question when we see that – can you prove it, what do studies show about your product or that magic ingredient?  *insert cricket symphony here*

When it comes to skincare we have some rules – science-backed, wholesome and glow-getting.  This moisturizer fulfilled every single one of our demands and more.

If you haven’t tried Sunday Riley, the beauty brand with a cult following, than you should, but not because everyone has tried it – rather because it actually works.  Seriously, this product has over 2,000 5-star reviews raving about the long-lasting hydration, skin-saving ingredients and serious results.  Lets start with hydration – something that is crucial in the anti-aging skin regimen.  We all know that as we age our skin becomes less elastic, less supple and more dry.  Hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule that sops up moisture and retains 1000x its weight in water, can help remedy this.  Think of it like a primer for skin that you can use on its own or within a moisturizer – it can help your skin absorb more of the great ingredients so that you get the most out of a skin care product.  This Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream actually features two different types of HA – sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid.  Both these different forms penetrate the skin differently for ultra-hydration that lasts 24 hours.

Another thing we love about this moisturizer is how glowy and dewy our skin looks when using it.  It seriously lends the most beautiful, noticeably lit-from-within look that works really well under makeup or just by itself.  Oh and don’t be surprised if your significant other steals it. My husband started using it because he thought it made my skin so good.  Now HIS friends are asking me what he is using and where to get it.  Its just that good, even Kaushal loves it.



Much like kajal, we Indian women love our lashes and making them look as thick, voluminous and luscious as can be – and then we add falsies to them.  Well ladies, forget the falsies.  This mascara will coat your lashes so that each one is 330% fatter & fuller for a false lashes look without the falsies.

We have tried all the major names in the lash game – Diorshow, Lancome Hypnose, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary lashes.  Each one was such a disappointment.  These formulas would leave our lashes too crunchy, too clumpy, a smudgy mess, spidery or worse all of the above.  Finally, some *saint* of a makeup artist recommended this mascara and OMG it has been life-changing.

First, the 4-in-1 formula (curling, lengthening, conditioning and volumizing) is carbon black making your lashes look smoldering for your Kajol-Bollywood-movie closeup.  The brush literally coats each lash making them look super thick and voluminous without the stiffness that many mascaras come with.  We also love how the formula doesn’t flake and the olive esters help keep lashes soft and flexible.  For all those looking for mega-volume, this mascara will be your holy grail.  You might even find yourself wondering why you didn’t try this sooner.  (Pro tip:  we love to use this mascara with this primer for extra oomph!)


When it comes to setting powder, not all formulas are made equal.  Everything from the packaging to the silky smooth texture of the power matters.  And no one wants to look back at pictures from a glam night out only to see ghost eyes staring back at you.  Flashback is not fun.  Good thing makeup is literally made for Instagramming these days.

This setting powder has literally set the standard.  Its so finely milled making a little product go a long way.  This powder is so great for sopping oil and preventing makeup from setting into fine lines like under the eyes and around the nose.  It also comes in multiple colors to accommodate different skin tones.  And most importantly, it won’t cause flashback in photos!  Anchal can’t stop raving about it and neither can we!



Who doesn’t love the way a classic red lip look?  The oh so demure look has a pretty cool history to it.  Apparently this look became popular back in the 1910’s during the suffrage movement.  Just another reason to rock a red lip.  While there are TONS of brands and lip stains worth trying, we seriously can not stop raving about this one.

At $13, its a steal with its long-lasting, non-drying formula.  We love that this classic red color has blue undertones making it a very versatile shade for medium and deep skin tones.  Its such a fantastic lip stain that we hear some of our favorite desi beauty bloggers have used it for their own weddings!  🙌🏽


The holidays are full of all things wonderful that reek havoc on our skin like tempting treats and the lack of sleep.  Thank the makeup lords for concealers that work overtime to hide the bags under our eyes and make our skin look flawless and #nofilterneeded.

There’s only one concealer thats worth the HYPE – the one and only.  7000+ 5-star reviews and endless YouTube videos can attest to the coverage, lasting formula and brightening powers of this concealer.


Don’t forget to stock up and save BIG right now at Sephora & Ulta.  Sephora is currently offering $15 off $75 for Beauty Insiders, $20 off $75 for VIB, and $25 off $75 for Rouge by using the code 2018HOORAY.  Ulta is currently offering $5 off $15 with the code 618883.


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